What does the liver represent?

What does the liver represent?

Translation by Aurea Rocha*     

In health and in harmony: free flow of total energy and emotional balance.

In density and imbalance: it crystallizes anger, hatred and primitive emotions. Unable to practice good humor and forgiveness.

Undoubtedly, the hepatic system (liver-gall bladder) is too important, no wonder it is the largest organ in the human body. The liver is a complex and amazing organ. Of all the cells in the human body, the liver cells have the highest number of mitochondria (the lungs of the cells).

In large scale, the health and vitality of an individual are determined by the health and tonicity of this organ, which is responsible for the initial detoxification of the whole human body. But, it accumulates functions: vascular, metabolic and secretory.

Its vascular function includes the fact of being an important reservoir of blood which filters more than one liter of blood per minute, removing bacteria, endotoxins, antigen-antibody complexes and several other particles from circulation.

In secretory function, it synthesizes about one liter of bile per day, which absorbs and solubilizes the fatty substances, including vitamins, in addition to effectively help in the excretion of many toxic and in excess substances, among them the hormonal ones. The liver is a “factory of purification” of the food toxins.

The metabolic functions of the liver are countless because it is totally involved in the digestion of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which will generate all the raw material of construction and maintenance of the human body.

Moderation is key condition for the healthy functioning of the liver. By respecting the liver, we show common sense, and are at ease with life (that I want you, life). Excesses are prohibitive, mainly when practiced regularly. On the physical plane, good examples of excess intake are: fat/fried food, highly or industrialized food, sugar (saccharose), alcohol and drugs.

There are three natural ways to take care (and be an accomplice) of the good functioning of the liver: good humor, detoxifying diet and development of emotional intelligence. These three daily achievements will trigger emotional balance, ability to understand and forgive. Yourself and others.

The liver is the main energy-producing organ of aggressiveness, which is the raw material of our achievements. It is important to not confuse aggressiveness (to go fight) with violence, which can only happen when we are intoxicated, unbalanced and away from affection, as well as from the capacity to see life through a perspective of development and growth.

The act of eliminating what does not fit anymore in our relationships or life situations corresponds to the detox process that the liver performs physically in the blood and metaphysically in the heart.

By facing a challenge calmly, without delusions (false expectations), life becomes more digestible, pleasant, enjoyable. This behavior facilitates food decay, including the heavier ones such as fat and oily vitamins.

Destructive thoughts and attitudes (indigestible, unpleasant) make challenges even greater, thus hindering all functions of the liver.

The good news: the liver has a great capacity for regeneration, an enhanced quality in people who are more flexible to changes, the ones who get over hard situations. In people who seek to understand and forgive. And also in people who practice good humor, kidding, laughing, leisure and a daily enjoyable physical activity.

Metaphysically, disorders f the liver come from the habit of complaining with bitterness and grumpiness just to deceive oneself and resist change. I interpret the excess of triglycerides and cholesterol as slippery, foggy thoughts and attitudes. Agonizing thoughts, full of anger and hatred are guaranteed ways of damaging the liver. Bad humor, which is an affective disorder, has its home in an ill and intoxicated liver.

The adequate statements to start the healing process of a damaged liver, according to Louise L.  Hay, in her book Heal your Life (published by Best Seller) are: I release the past  and move forward to the future. I adapt myself with sweetness to the flow of life. I make peace with my past.

My mother, a nice and delightful person, who is always making everyone laugh, impresses me with her ability to forgive. It was her who has taught me, in practice, the meaning of the expression: I laughed so much that I unblocked the liver.  What a nice teaching this phrase contains. Here, unblock is the same as detoxify. And we can do this easily and for free. Without paying any fee, hit traffic or depend on anything: simply practicing LAUGHING.

From the book Alimentação Desintoxicante [Detox Diet] – How to Activate The Immune System - by Conceição Trucom - Editora Alaúde. It is highly recommended reading it in full, which will allow you to practice this philosophy of life with awareness and responsibility.

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Conceicao Trucom is BS in chemistry scientist, lecturer and writer of themes related to general well-being and life quality.

Reprodução permitida desde que mantida a integridade das informações, citada a autoria e a fonte www.docelimao.com.br 

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